The Studio

Ingrid and I love our boutique studio. Located at 23 McWilliams Place, across from beautiful Hamilton Park, we had no idea how ideal this location was going to be for capturing our families. The wide-open loft space provides plenty of versatility to host and shoot the custom photography sessions that we have become known for.

Here, our parents can easily prepare their kids for the fun of their session while knowing that our studio is well appointed with everything needed. We use every inch of our studio and have a few fun things that help us capture your family.

Like our jumping bed… Well, I call it our jumping bed because that is exactly what everyone does when they come through our studio! Owen and his brother Griffin knew exactly what was necessary to get in the mood for this session, with a few smiles along the way!

Kids love our studio because it is too big and too funny, with lots of lights and smiling people. 🙂 This picture is of a kids eye level view of our studio. When they walk into our studio, they immediately are full of curiosity and are excited to explore!

Kids eye view!

The best part of our studio is being able to walk out the front door and access beautiful Hamilton Park across the road. Or if you prefer to capture the New York skyline, we can access the building roof for beautiful sunsets, and the grand scale of our metropolian life!

We are (usually) in the studio during the week, so feel free to swing by if you are in the neighborhood. Give a call if you are making a special trip and we will be sure to be available! We love our studio and hope that you will too!


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