Yuvan & Nyra Twin 1st Birthday Cake Smash Session | Jersey City, NJ Portrait Photographer

Epic destruction. The best part of shooting cake smash session is to see baby’s reaction to the cake… right that is the point. More often than not, babies need help understanding what is going on. Mom or dad will grab a little frosting and help (to get the ball rolling), but Yuvan, he needed no such help. He was all business from go. Maybe it was was the sibling competition with his siter Nyra, but he went straight “Jerz” on that cake.

Level 100 Cake Destruction!

Such a delicious cake from Sugar Town here in Jersey City

We get all of our “smash cake” cake’s from Sugar Town, which is located at the corner of Bright & Jersey Ave. We work with them to make sure it is not too sweet for our babies, just sweet enough. Usually, we get to send mom and dad home with a slightly mauled cake, but this time there was nothing left to salvage. Sorry mom and dad, Yuvan did his best and it was epic!

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